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A year ago I was studying on the ill impacts of wars for resources in several countries in developed and Third World countries. I discussed this issue with a few of my friends from the immediate neighbourhood and we decided to keep aside some portion of whatever we saved or earned every month to help a child afford basic needs. Food was one of them; for the young teenagers, we decided to raise money for sanitary napkins and teaching them soft skills. Every week we feed children who sell stickers and sit at the pavements selling balloons or with a weighing scale. Because most of us are not earning, we collect a few discarded clothes and shoes to offer the kids. They dream of then childhood we took for granted. We didn’t want to go to school and they want to. They give up schooling to earn for the family. If you think you can do your bit, do contribute. We are here for a genuine cause. Trash bins and leftover food are a regular affair for these kids mostly. We may think they deserve better.