Challenge Yourself


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I do not endorse the idea of working out till you are sore in the gym and then resting in bed for the rest of the week. One must understand how one’s body can endure pain and recover. If you end up hurting yourself in the process, the purpose is lost. There are many people I know of who visit the gym everyday and complain of an injured muscle atleast thrice a week. The most shocking part is they continue exploiting their bodies just for the sake of consistency. That can prove dangerous in the long run. When I first began cardio I was exhausted for the first week and the next week it was inexplicably difficult for me to get up and continue the pattern. Here’s what I came up with in order to deal with the boredom and monotony, most importantly the pain my body went through after each running session.

7 Days:

Jump Squats Challenge

I loved biryani three months back and still do. There was a time I had biryani for lunch everyday. My tummy felt heavier and I dozed off to sleep in the afternoon. The laziness and utter disinterest to engage in any physical activity was so evident that my face looked sleepy all the time. I was aware that something is not right. The biryani consumption had to stop because my afternoon schedule was disrupted now and then. But you see, controlling a foodie is hard. I cannot control eating once I start, especially when my favourite food is in view. Biryani tops the list and if I ever refuse to eat the same that means I am not happy or immensely upset for some terrible reason. How did I control my mouth then? I used the staircase. I challenged myself to do jump squats every time I went upstairs to my room. I stay on the third floor and I decided on jumping every step till I reached my room. The first three days were not easy. My stomach was heavy and the jumping made me pant for breath. The food was also reaching till my throat with the movements. I was about to throw up but then something struck me. What if I eat lesser and then do the jump squats? In order to finish the challenge I changed the menu in the afternoon. I ate lesser and that too less spicy. I ate light food and that which was easy on my stomach. The 7 days of my life were the days of initial stages of coming to terms with my physical strength and stamina. Three months later, I was able to do the challenge without tiring myself entirely, I could avoid the afternoon nap, my metabolism became better and eating habits changed.

Eating before 10 pm:

I used to eat really late at night because I work till dawn. I avoided snacking so I made sure I ate at a time which would help me stay fuller. My dinner timing was around 11 30- 12 at night. For 7 days I decided to eat before 10 pm. I could realise the difference some days later. I was having breakfast at the same time in the morning, I was sleeping well and my PCOS was not troubling me much. Moreover my stress levels came down and I could work more during the day because my routine had changed for the better.

Giving up chocolate/ sugared snacks/ desserts

I love chocolate and it’s hard to let go of chocolate. A 7 day challenge of not touching chocolate or anything sweet worked wonders for my skin and my journey to losing inches became easier. I was amazed at the way I could challenge myself to do something I had never done before.

These are three challenges I consistently undertook for seven days and I could see various changes in my body. Challenge yourself in several ways and take yourself out of your comfort zones. That helps in the long run. Small changes here and there in your routine may help you to lead a healthier life. The goal is not to rush for a size that is unattainable in a short span of time. Start slow and small.