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A week earlier I thought I am again going to face severe weight issues because I was not eating on time and having less sleep. It was hectic beyond imagination and it took a toll on my emotional state as well. I skipped breakfast for a few days and realised this was something I shouldn’t repeat in the near future as it made me crave junk later. I came up with this amazing dish that filled me up and I could consume it as lunch or mid morning snack.

A chilli cheese toast is an ultimate option to deal with your hunger pangs in a healthy way. Firstly, the toast if prepared with brown bread can meet your carb goals for the day. Secondly, it will keep you fuller because cheese is good fat. Thirdly, the chillies can add the spice that can get your taste buds wake up early in the morning. Provided you are not adding butter or some sweetener to enhance the taste the toast should work as an excellent breakfast option and keep you fuller till late afternoon. If you are looking for a beverage, black coffee or raw tea can go with it and help you to regain energy early morning. Black Coffee is an excellent option because you aren’t adding extra calories and this can speed up your metabolism.

You may prepare the chilli cheese toast in whatever you like. If you wish to add some oregano, or flaxseeds, you are free to do so and it can add taste. However, you must ensure that you don’t drink water immediately after its consumption if you have it with ketchup. That can mess around with your stomach and give you bad acidity.

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