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Beautification of skin and hair stands important in these times because you know, peer pressure! Not that everyone is bothered, but I see teenage girls immensely obsessed with hair and makeup whereas what they must be focusing on is their education. I am no one to judge but I can tell you a secret that might save you a fortune because you will not be needing those salon sessions for silky smooth hair. Look, there are certain items that you may apply to your hair and they may look gorgeous. But, there are certain foods that you must eat as well, in order to witness the results. Here’s a list of my favourite foods that you may try in order to get those gorgeous locks. Disclaimer: If you are allergic to some of these items, you may not consume them.

  • Eggs- Eggs contains protein and one egg can offer you upto 3 grams of protein. Consume eggs to see your hair becoming thicker and stronger.
  • Milk- Some of you may be lactose intolerant so you may skip drinking it. But occasional consumption of milk can definitely make your hair thicker. I was almost bald once due to thyroid issues. I drank a glass of milk every day and my hair went back to normal.
  • Beet root- This is my absolute favourite. Whether extracting its juice or having it in curry form, beet root solves most of my skin and hair issues during winter. You will see a marked difference in your skin when you eat a portion of beetroot everyday.
  • Almonds- A handful of almonds everyday can control mid morning hunger pangs as well as help you deal with hairfall. I wasted a lot of money on hair spas because I was under the impression that such treatments can better my hair. When I started eating almonds, my hairfall reduced and so did cravings.
  • Guava- This is one of my favourite foods. Guava juice can help you deal with winter dryness of hair and thicken your strands. It also gives you a toned belly.
  • Coconut water- Another favourite! You can consume this magical drink at any time in the day and it is filling. Coconut water calms your tummy and once your tummy is chilled, so will your head. Jokes apart, minerals in coconut water help you to get better hair and it is fat free!
  • Chicken- 100 grams of chicken everyday can do wonders to your weight loss routine and your hair as well. Proteins in bounty, they help you achieve thicker hair.
  • Aloevera juice- Consume half a cup of aloevera juice with warm water early in the morning to see a marked difference in your metabolism and hair quality.
  • Spinach- Dark leafy greens are your go-to if you want to get a head full of thick hair. Spinach juice is highly beneficial for health during winters and takes care of your hair.

Tip: If you colour your hair too much or go for those expensive treatments, your hair will get damaged sooner. You may apply henna on your hair every month to get a silky texture and add some eggs or mustard oil for extra softness. Rather than using chemicals you can always opt for natural or organic elements to obtain better hair. Also remember what you eat is more important. If you are constantly chomping on junk food, your hair will become brittle and lose luster.