I forget drinking water quite often. I have been in the habit of carrying around a water bottle everywhere I go but sometimes when you have no idea of time and get carried away with other stuffs it becomes a matter of worry because dehydration can cause a lot of trouble. I was searching for a drink that would help me to retain water levels in my body because lack of water tends to mess up my metabolism and energy levels. Here’s what I chanced upon.

This detox drink is marvellous to look as well as tasty. Tasty because it has a tangy flavour and looks appealing just like the summer coolant we sip on. This drink consists of three things : cucumber, lemon and mint. You need to cut a cucumber into half and place the slices in a jar of water (3- 4 litres). Cut the lemon and place the halves in the jar. Take about three to four mint leaves and chop them. Place these inside with the lemon and cucumber slices. Fill the jar with water and keep it in the refrigerator.

What this drink does :

It helps to detoxify your body. If you have erratic bowel movements you may find respite if you consume this drink everyday. It is recommended that you finish the entire jar in a day. If you cannot finish it you may continue drinking it till the next day before evening.

The changes I observed :

My skin glowed because I was getting enough Vitamin C. There were no issues of bloating. My menstrual cycle was regular. I was able to flush out toxins in the form of urine. I started using the washroom ten to twelve times instead of five. My water intake raised from one litre per day to almost 3 litres per day and I was seeing the results in my face and hair. Lack of water causes hairfall too. I noticed my hair loss was not as alarming as earlier. I was drinking more water than usual which meant I could keep myself away from sugared or carbonated drinks to quench my thirst.

This detoxifying drink works wonders if consumed regularly .However, you must not consume this if you are pregnant or face acidity often.