I am sure re-arranging your study table or managing your bedroom after a tough assignment is taxing. Many of you, including me, often sleep in the pool of books, stationery and loose sheets and wake up like that, adjusting space for some more things to get in. Previously I arranged my study table once a while but now it’s every two days. And the best part is I went from a size 36 to a 34 (IND) in a month. This is a simple hack you can try if you think it’s hard for you to exercise. You can ensure that tidiness of your table as well as notice a small difference in your waist size gradually. I must remind you that you cannot achieve the results if you plan on eating meals for two people. This will only help you if you are consistent, determined and watchful of what you are eating.

I am a very lazy person but I admit I have borderline OCD. I cannot see anything placed oddly somewhere. If something is not placed in its right position I freak out and hurriedly get to fix it. I used this trait to bring myself out of my stupor and begin the initial steps to a healthy lifestyle.

My table has around 50 books and a hundred loose sheets, manuscripts of my earlier works and several more that are to develop sooner, with the grace of the Almighty. Every two days I bring down every thing on the table and lay them on the floor. My study table is around three and a half feet in height. What I do next is take each item and place it at its designated spot. I do not take many things at once because I plan to finish this work within one hour. If I finish the task earlier my efforts are futile. The more I bend and bring up things on the table the waist gets strained. This is something I enjoy doing without being bored and it has helped me to reduce a size, so I am satisfied. Every alternate day I set aside one hour in the day or in the evening/post dinner when I bend and stand upright to transfer things from the floor to the table. This has also fixed my ever troubling insomnia and I am drinking more water than usual. It is tedious and boring at times but skipping a day and doing it on alternate days helps you to achieve an organised study table and reduction of a waist size. Try it and tell me what you think.