My nails were turning white and my hair was becoming brittle with each passing day. Frantic calls from my mother and judgements from peers were unending. There was no solace ever during those days.

I have to tell you that I have never been a fan of green smoothies. I cannot bear the smell of the raw and grass like liquids. But then, never say never. The iron deficiency was causing unnecessary weight gain and bad hair days. My menstrual cycle was atrocious and I had nothing to do. I was fighting a struggle that many others deal with as well. And it’s brave of you, you aren’t giving up. I didn’t give up too. I managed to look past my detest for green smoothies and began my journey.

I had taken some vitamins earlier and my metabolism went for a toss because exams didn’t let me sleep peacefully. The medication continued for about half a year and I wasn’t seeing any progress. The only progress I witnessed was the increase in my clothes’ size. Terrible. Simply terrible. I am not the one who gets worked up if I gain a few pounds here and there. I got tense because the medicines were not working. I thought I had some serious medical issue.

One day, I was walking past a juice stall that had a basket of spinach, carrots and beetroot displayed, early in the morning. I noticed a few people ordering a beetroot juice or carrot juice. The brave-hearts ordered spinach juice. The only advantage you have if you are a food lover is the fact that you are keen to try new dishes or cuisines everytime. Being my curious self, I walked to the stall and ordered a small glass of beetroot juice. I asked the owner to put a fair amount of salt and mix it with apple juice. The beetroot juice contained carrots, spinach, garlic, some salt and beetroot pieces. The juice looked maroon and bloodlike in the morning sun. I closed my eyes and drank it slowly. I didn’t stop midway. Since that day, winter has become my favourite season because this juice is available only during the winters if one is looking for the fresh one and not the packaged kind.

This juice fixed my iron deficiency and I couldn’t be happier. My menstrual cycle stopped troubling me and most importantly my hair and skin were improving. I began to see lesser breakouts and my stomach remained fuller. I was snacking on junk lesser than the usual.

I must remind you that iron deficiency can be treated with medicines as well. I saw no respite with the prescribed medicines therefore I started drinking this magical concoction. Many people aren’t able to digest this juice. It’s recommended that you do not force yourself to consume it. You may opt for other Vitamin C sources and proteins.