Most of us cannot function without the first cup of coffee or tea in the morning. With newspapers giving way to scrolling Instagram or Facebook feed, more often Snapchat or Twitter, we need that cup to keep our sanity instant. Especially because we need to wake up and get going, accomplish tasks and meet deadlines. Loitering around won’t pay the bills. Whether you are in the office or at home, you need a cup of coffee or tea to get your act together.

Two months ago I was struggling with the idea of losing a size or two because I wanted to fit into a lovely ethnic wear. Right now, that idea has made the way to living a healthy lifestyle and eating the right meals at the same time everyday. I might mess up a couple of times every week but I try to stay consistent. One of the energy boosters in my life is coffee apart from chocolate (I haven’t tasted one since three months) and that keeps me awake given that I get really less time to sleep. There was a time I used to survive on twenty to thirty cups of coffee a day and lost all my hair. I am constantly trying to get over this habit of resorting to caffeine in times of stress or anxiety. I will tell you why.

I realised that I was depending too much on coffee for energy and productivity in work. It’s been a couple of months since I replaced my morning coffee with a power drink that in many ways changed my life. Firstly, it changed the way I sleep and secondly, I am not convincing my brain anymore that I can’t work without a cup of coffee.

What is this power drink? Many elders would tell you to drink warm water with lemon early in the morning. That’s not only for reduction of your size or weight. The Vitamin C gives you a burst of energy and you feel less worried about a bloated stomach. A few things that I discovered while incorporating lemon water in my morning routine:

– I was able to work more before lunch without worrying about my energy dropping.

– I had sound sleep at night because the excess coffee was not in the scene anymore.

– My stomach felt lighter which is a miracle if you are staying on rent with no discipline in food routines.

– I was making myself believe that I can function without that extra cup of coffee and didn’t have to depend on it for working till wee hours of the morning. In short, I was following a routine that didn’t mess with my sleeping hours.

– I lost two sizes, so I am aware that my  weight or size will reduce one day. I didn’t gain in one day and losing all of that will take more than a day definitely. But, I will get there gradually.

– My dark circles were vanishing because I was not staying awake anymore and waking up at odd hours in the daytime.

– My dental health has improved.

These are some of the benefits that I obtained from drinking warm water with lemon in the morning. I work around 14 -16 hours a day and I can tell you, switching my morning coffee with this drink is helping me to sleep better and not worry about dehydration. I am drinking enough plain water and this only adds to that quantity. If you are not allergic to honey, you may add a teaspoon of the same for better results.