If I tell you the number of times my heart has been broken you would call me shameless to still have hopes in love. I think it’s completely fine to be shameless in love. There must be some hearts to keep humanity and compassion alive in a world that feeds on insecurity, sexual debauchery and emotional torture.

Let me just say I have been upset every single day of my life for the past five years in a row. I have stopped blaming people for my miseries because I am solely responsible for allowing them to affect me. I had the control over my life and I shouldn’t have let anyone decide the happiness or sadness quotient. Surprisingly, all the men who have disappointed me have come around and tried to act like nothing happened ever. I can proudly say, they have surpassed my level of shamelessness. Good job, guys.

Moving on, are you heartbroken too? Let me share something with you. You know it’s easier to fall for the ‘dessert’ temptation when you are upset or discontented. Sometimes you don’t even know what you are upset about. I totally understand. We are in this together. Whether you are a guy or a girl, listen to me very carefully. I am going to tell you something that could help you make a better choice and feel less guilty for hogging on a bucketful of calories.

I can survive on chocolates. If I had the authority I would have declared chocolate as the national food. On a second thought, what does chocolate do? The sugar ages you faster, you might get acne the next morning, makes you feel guilty for putting on calories, worsens dental health and urges you to have another bite. I tried talking with the chocolate cake after my recent heartbreak. Here’s what I said, “I am not eating you. I will come back some other day. A cup of greek yogurt is waiting for me”.

Everytime there’s a rush to eat a chocolate when I am upset I take time to travel to the grocery, get a cup of curd and eat it. Sometimes when the flavoured ones aren’t available I add some raisins, nuts or granules to enhance the taste. Do I still feel the need to eat chocolates later? No.

See this is what happens when you allow yourself to eat that piece of chocolate, you are only at ease for a short while. The moment you realise what a big chunk has gotten inside your stomach you freak out. You might be preparing for a ball or an event and now you don’t want to attend it because you are heartbroken and you might end up bumping into your culprit. Add a few inches here and there, the zip just won’t let you breathe, etc.

Some simple ways to feel less guilty:

1. Repeat, ” It’s only a chocolate. It is not a medicine. I have been better than this”.

2. The acne won’t go. Precaution is better than cure.

3. He insulted you or she mocked you for having a bad body. You can eat whatever the hell you want, no one has the right to judge you. But eat something that would be nutritious. Grab a chocolate flavoured protein bar.

4. If you are someone who can’t bear pain, be ready to bear some if you are affected by tooth decay. To keep that away, stay away from chocolate.

5. The truffle cake looks so tempting. And so does your crush. Both of them have nothing to offer you except procrastinations and guilt. Stay away from both.

6. Learn to make a fat-free chocolate cake by yourself. The hard work is anyway going to keep you at a distance the next time you want to make another.

I must remind you:

If someone breaks your heart it doesn’t make you any lesser or less desirable than the other person. You are free to eat whatever you want and that what you like the most. If you are able to do it without guilt, it’s the most amazing thing ever. If you regret eating something, the purpose of true happiness is lost. Like me, there are several others who find comfort in food. I have gradually learned to replace the non- nutritious ones with the foods that can help me grow physically and mentally. I haven’t stopped eating and I still eat quite much when I am upset. The chocolate cake has been replaced with protein bars or healthy smoothies. If you want to feel good about yourself you need to watch what you eat. Again, we are no one to judge you by your food habits. I am only trying to ease out the tension you go through. You already have a broken heart. You don’t need another round of excess overthinking about a piece of cake.