I am a huge music addict. I need music to finish my household chores, type, concentrate on the books, write manuscripts, etc. I may also inform you that I am a passionate photographer as well. I will probably bug you for continuous postures so that I may be able to get your best picture. An entire episode of Fear Factor could be telecast featuring my antics at photography. I am a curious human. Most of you who know me personally are aware of the fact that I ask too many questions and do not settle for half-baked answers. I am even excited to see how many people get married on a daily basis and wonder if I will ever be able to do the same. I might marry myself, I am too impressed by the woman inside me.

Keeping all jokes aside, let me tell you something very honestly about addiction to our smartphones. I have always enjoyed watching my favourite shows while eating. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you there was a time for lunch and dinner (twice a day)  I ate four chapatis, half cup of rice, 100 gms of paneer or cottage cheese, half a bowl of vegetable curry, a bowl of fresh curd, some dal and a cup of ice-cream. These were consumed by me, alone. The thing that helped me to finish the food during lunch and dinner was the fact that I watched several videos on YouTube and scrolled down the news feed on my phone. Social media had consumed me. Add to that my broken heart and prolonged periods of stalking my crush. I could finish off an entire medium-sized pizza by myself and the appetite was unbelievable. At times I had to deal with borderline  bulimia and it was sickening.

It’s been more than a month now and I do not touch my phone while I eat. I put on music but on speakers. There’s no part of my body touching my phone during meal hours. I listen to audio books or some calming music and these help me to chew my food better. I have realised my appetite has undergone stark transformation and I am able to understand what food suits my body. I am able to pay more attention to what’s on my plate rather than what’s going on in someone else’s life which shouldn’t matter to me anyway. My meal timings have reduced by 45 minutes and I can utilise that time to finish other work. In an aggregate, I may say that I am focusing on better and relevant things rather than comforting myself by watching unreal stuffs or stressing over the happening lives of other people. I have become more grateful and uttering ‘Bismillah’ before my meals is now an involuntary action. Earlier expressing gratitude to the Almighty was forgotten mostly. Now that I am concentrating more on the food I have on my plate has made me more grateful and content.

This one change in my life has brought about better results. I currently have time to do a lot more work after dinner or lunch because I am aiming for one thing at a time. Here, eating in a proper manner and without distractions.