If you have ever been upset about PCOS  (PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome) I get you. I totally understand your pain and I am in this with you. For those of you who do not know what PCOS is, take a look at this link:

The first time I was affected by this disease was when I was 14. I was in high school trying to get through exams and  peer pressure and no physical activity made things worse. There are some years of your life which you wish didn’t exist. I wish I could undo that one incident which led to a bad phase of PCOS after I finished my 10th Board exams. My parent and I went to a doctor who failed to explain the problem and casually said, “She needs to lose weight”. Parents get worried if doctors say something as trivial as this. Immediately my home scenario changed. I was tense for something other than my grades. To tell you the truth, no one was helping. When I say no one, I mean literally no one. Everyone was so concerned suddenly but there wasn’t anyone to tell me, “You will get better”. Here is a tip for those of you who have a disease that you feel tense about: DO NOT REVEAL IT TO YOUR NEIGHBOURS, INSENSITIVE RELATIVES AND RANDOM PEOPLE WHO ASK ABOUT YOUR HEAVY BODY. They can do more damage than you can imagine. The reason why I am saying this is because there are people who caused immense stress after I revealed my sickness. Suddenly my mother was being counselled on everything, my weight, my food habits, my lunch, my personality, etc. She thought there was something really wrong with me. After I finished school, I met atleast ten to fifteen people in college who had the same problem and it was a sigh of relief to know I wasn’t the only one. It’s been five years since I have seen improvement and it has nothing to do with medicines and tablets.

Stress. Anxiety. Depression. When I speak of these words you immediately feel there is a problem with the world being so unkind to you for some reason and they just don’t understand what you need or if you are fine. I let this affect me for a long time ever since I knew I had this terrible disease and by the time I  was 17 and in college, I knew very few people would be in my favour and understand who I really am or what makes me different. I will not apologise for being myself and not let them affect me negatively.

This one habit that I am going to share with you works its way by itself and helps to cope with the unpleasant case of PCOS. It is going to be time-consuming and you might even forget at times. The only one thing that you must remember is that this habit is better than watching videos on social media and scrolling through the highly edited images of people around the world.

MEDITATION/ PRAYER. Several motivational speakers and influencers over the world emphasise on this habit. I pray three times a day and ever since I started doing this there has been no turning back. I felt relaxed, positive, energetic and strong-willed. Most importantly my PCOS were getting better each day and when people said I looked fat or heavy, it didn’t affect me because I was coping with stress with some form of prayer everyday. You do not have to be extremely religious to begin with meditation or prayer. I pray before I go to bed, when I wake up in the morning and in the afternoon when I am relaxing after finishing work. Stress becomes a factor in aggravation of PCOS. It is mandatory to stay away from anxiety and stressful situations in order to better your PCOS disease. A number of people might tell you that weight loss is the first step, that is not always true. Stress can cause weight gain as well. If you cannot spare some time for meditation, you may take a power nap which is equally effective. You need to calm down before you take on the world.

What I have realised is many a times one tends to eat more in stressful scenarios. You keep on munching and chomping on junk without even thinking and that does more harm. You may engage in physical activities to get rid of PCOS, start walking or running or jogging early in the morning or after dinner. Many of us who are into academics, research, corporate life and writing have crazy schedules and away from homes. There is no routine that can ensure you are eating, sleeping, the right time everyday. Having said that, this is not an excuse to skip physical activities. If you climb up to 4 flights of stairs for three times everyday it may help you. But then you could be tired or too exhausted and just want to crash as soon as you reach home. Begin by relaxing yourself first. I shall be putting up a post on foods that help to cure PCOS because those are more helpful than costly medicines and frequent visits to the doctors.