I love coffee. If I had the time and money to travel around the world, I would have collected types of coffee from every place I would visit. However, owing to my modest status and student life, I am not able to. The first time I had coffee at Starbucks was a week before my twentieth birthday. I was flabbergasted by the prices but the taste made me fall in love with the place. I had decided to get myself to work hard so that I could afford a Starbucks Coffee everyday. If you love Starbucks and you think the prices are burning a hole in your pocket, keep reading this article.

The coffee culture that is now so prevalent thrives on people who keep coming back and ordering the same type of coffee while meeting friends or business associates or even sitting alone and reading a book. When you visit the same place repeatedly you get to know tricks to save yourself from extra expenditure because sometime or the other you may observe how the drinks or food items are made. When there’s extra cheese or other toppings (you know it even before I say) you will be charged extra. How do you bring yourself to save money at Starbucks especially when you love their coffees and other beverages? These tips below can help you because I have tried these and I was able to save myself money and kept away from calories with every visit.

  • Register a Starbucks card- You can earn stars in this regard and after a period of time you may be able to acquire a free drink. The stars you earn everytime you order through a card can make you unlock several rewards.
  • Bring a cup- Unless you are an ostentatious person,there is no need for you to show off that it’s a Starbucks cup. Starbucks has offered discounts on cups since 1985. Moreover, if you are using your own cup you are recycling and contributing your bit to a ‘green’ cause.
  • Order a short drink- This size is always favourable. The Short size is not on the menu but it still exists after the Tall, Grande and Venti sizes were introduced. You will be consuming lesser calories and paying 2% lesser than you normally would but this cannot be availed for a cold beverage.
  • Note the Happy Hours and Promotional Offers during every visit.
  • If you have a Starbucks Card with a green or a higher level and you are able to avail the Rewards, your favourite drink can be free.
  • Order a Black Coffee- You can add extra milk after taking your order out. This will save you a lot of money. At the end of the week you will be able to buy a whole drink of the same size with the extra.
  • Cold beverages are costlier at Starbucks. You may add your own ice after taking out the order. The taste doesn’t change.
  • Split a Venti Frappuccino with a friend. That makes for two tall cups. You will save a lot by the end of a week and consume lesser calories.
  • Order coffee for a group in a French Press- You may order a French Press Coffee at Starbucks and get around 32 ounces of coffee that can be split in a group. You will be spending half of what you usually would while ordering a tall cup for everyone.
  • Get your Tall Drink in a Grande Cup- When you order a tall coffee the barista will ask you if you need milk or cream. When you ask for a tall coffee in a Grande cup there is more space for cream and milk.
  • Order your iced tea with no water- Request your iced tea without water as it will be double strength that can be divided into two drinks subsequently.
  • Skip the bottled water and ask for a cup instead.