Everywhere you go there is an insane craziness about abs and the ‘beauty’ of a  flat belly. I am not surprised because everyone wants to look good, be fitter and presentable. In my opinion, people tend to invest more time into fitness and food habits because if one falls sick later or gets diagnosed with a disease the medical bills are more expensive than these precautions. I noticed that most of the people whom I interviewed regarding their opinions on fitness had a lot to say about food habits but it was funnier when everyone said at the end, “Just my belly must disappear magically the next morning, that’s what I want!”

It is impossible to get a flatter stomach if you are eating and not doing any exercise. Unless you have an enviable metabolism, it is practically not happening. If you starve for days, that could help but you might end up sick and have blood pressure issues for life. What I am going to tell you will perhaps work or not work for everyone. However, if you consistent and eat a balanced diet this trick might work. It worked for me and I found myself having a lesser bloated stomach.

While we eat a meal (or a small food item) we tend to get thirsty and drink water. The next time you feel thirsty, take a tea-spoon and drink only the amount that the spoon holds. If you drink water (while having your food) in large sips, the water messes up your metabolism. It is very difficult to get rid of that water weight consequently. One must drink water either before a meal or at least 15 minutes after the food is finished. This small change can work wonders if you are patient and particular enough.

I eliminated the habit of drinking water while having food. The results were not too drastic but my stomach felt better, it was easier to work subsequently without the feeling of a burdensome tummy and I was able to sleep well. The reason why one is asked to chew food properly by doctors and dieticians all over the world because it lessens the chance of getting thirsty. Your mouth produces enough saliva and it’s easier to deal with a dry throat. Also, if you are eating a smaller bite it can help you lose those inches around your middle. You must , however, keep your consistency and focus in place and not panic about the bloating. Stress causes bloating too.

It is recommended that you must drink atleast 8- 10 glasses of water everyday.