You cannot fight diabetes if you aren’t eating, sleeping and thinking right. Your diet must contain a mixture of vegetables, whole grains, low fat or fat free dairy products, lean protein like chicken and fish plus fresh fruits. Also if you stay hungry for a prolonged period, your sugar levels might go haywire leading you to unnecessary chomping on junk. The body loses energy when you starve and to make up for that you tend to eat more. You are required to maintain a disciplined lifestyle, eat at the same time everyday, lead a stress free lifestyle, think positively, engage in meditation or some sort of prayer and be happy. Anxious people have a tough time controlling their blood sugar levels.

What all should you be eating to ensure you aren’t inviting diabetes and unhealthy blood sugar levels? The list is not a complicated one but you need to pay attention to what you are putting inside your mouth every single time.

  1. Low carbs- Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, grains like Quinoa, barley, etc.
  2. Dairy- Milk, cheese, soy milk (in moderation)
  3. Fibre Rich Foods- Apples, pears, berries, fruits, broccoli, carrots, beetroot.
  4. Ditch the refined sugar for Jaggery, coconut sugar and raw honey. Overconsumption must be avoided.
  5. Whole wheat foods- Whole wheat flour/pasta/bread, brown rice.
  6. Snack healthy- Eat less salty foods and those that contain empty carbs. Some biscuits have empty sugar in them and you might be harming your body if you are falling for those commercials that claim these are healthy. Please take note that they are only gimmicks or advertising techniques to generate revenue.

The most important things that one must keep in mind while dealing with diabetes or high blood sugar levels are : Having smaller meals throughout the day and keeping a positive outlook everyday. If you are tense and in an erratic mood you will have a hard time steering clear of blood sugar issues. Be happy and content, do not lose hope!