Depression has become pretty rampant these days, more so because of social media and unnatural peer pressures that lead an individual to think of himself or herself as less capable. The alarming rate at which people have lined up outside therapists offices is insane. There is also a widespread disbelief about the same. Many think it is a figment of one’s imagination simply because one may or may not ‘afford’ to be depressed. Depression, as has been said many a times by people who were greater in experience and age, is a sickness of the luxurious. However, this is not the case. Symptoms of depression can be traced very early in one’s life, sometimes even as a teenager or an infant. The sickness may even run in the family, and the triviality with which it has been labelled is shocking. People equate depression with insanity and that is unfair. I conducted a survey of 20 people and found out that most of them had resorted to mindless eating or sometimes not eating when they were depressed, faced panic attacks or anxiety. The data was surprising because I expected many of them to talk of how they wanted to visit the therapists in the field, sadly none were willing to talk to anybody for that matter. The sole reason being, family does not extend help or compassion. When you are out for studies or pursuing a career far off, there are friends who can help you deal with difficult times. However, if you do seem to have panic attacks now and then there is a less likelihood of people turning up to check on you because everyone is not available every time. What do you do for yourself then? I have had the worst experiences in my student life and that accelerated my weight gain affecting my hormonal balance as well as mental peace. I have some tips for all of you who think binge eating is the solution to the adversity. Well, you may binge eat, but the items are not the items you would generally munch on.

  • Apples- Rich in antioxidants and fibre

Not only the doctor, but also the psychiatrists shall keep away if you consume apples! apples can help you to prevent and repair oxidation damage and inflammation on the cellular level. they have soluble fibre which balances blood sugar levels.

  • Avocados– Oleic acid source and enhances brain power

A salad of avocado can help you with weight loss as well as they are power foods that contain healthy fat which is required for proper functioning of brain. an avocado contains 4 gms of protein which is higher than other fruits and has Vitamin K, different kinds of Vitamin B (B9, B6, B5), Vitamin C and Vitamin E12. they are low in sugar and high in dietary fibre containing 11 gms each.

  • Beans– Contains mood stabilising fibre

Beans are important components of the GBOMB (greens, berries, onions, mushrooms, beans) list, as is proclaimed by Joel Fuhrman, MD, whose philosophy is listed in the book, The End of Dieting. GBOMBs are the foods that have the most immunity building and anti-cancer effects. the body therefore becomes ready to fight any inflammation that may rise. Fuhrman says. they can act as anti diabetes and weight loss foods. they digest slowly and hence stabilise blood sugar levels. they even reduce your craving towards gluten, etc.

  • Berries- Helps in cell repair and anti-oxidants

They are undoubtedly the largest sources of anti-oxidants. a breakfast bowl that contains an assortment of berries helps to retain energy as well as anti-oxidants in the body. Anti oxidants are like DNA repairmen. they go around fixing cells and prevent cancer or similar diseases.

  • Dark leafy vegetables– Nutritious and healthy in an aggregate

They are also major constituents of the GBOMB list by Fuhrman. they fight any kind of inflammation in your body.

  • Mushrooms– Helpful tools to lower blood sugar

The chemicals in mushrooms have multifarious benefits that oppose insulin which helps to lower blood sugar levels and brightens your mood. they are equivalent to probiotics that promote healthy gut bacteria.

  • Onions- Contains cancer fighting Allium.

Onions are your best friends if you are a female. the smell might be repulsive but they help to fight water retention in your body while you are on your menstrual cycle. the bloating might reduce up to a large extent. Fuhrman says that eating onions and garlic frequently can reduce the risk of cancers of the digestive tract. considering the relationship between your digestive tract and your brain it only seems logical why a food that is helpful in preventing the cancers of the gut would also benefit your mood and anxiety levels.

  • Seeds– Small sources of omega 3

It is beneficial to replace your potato chips with something like flax seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds. Fuhrman opines that seeds add their own percentages of unique disease fighting substances to the dietary ground but the fat in seeds increases the absorption of protective nutrients in vegetables eaten at the same meal.

  • Tomatoes- Infused with depression fighters

One must include tomatoes in his or her regular salad as they contain a lot of folic acid and alpha lipoic acid, both of which prevent depression. alpha lipoic acid helps the body to convert glucose into energy and therefore stabilises mood.

  • Walnuts– Omega 3 fatty acids

Walnuts are the richest sources of omega 3 fatty acids and they help to reduce depression as well as enhance brain functioning.