When you are in college or post college period, you tend to swing between restlessness  and relaxing a bit because the schedules are running all over the place. Also I find many people, females in particular undergoing some bodily changes, thanks to hormones and growing up! What you need to understand is, the panicking is not going to help. Neither will the constant worrying before eating morsel of food. All you need to do is take a chill pill, sit back and understand how your body changed. Was there some major eating or sleeping pattern that changed without a warning? Or are you stressing too much over breakups, low grades, choice of career, etc? Relax a bit. Everyone undergoes these changes and developments and I am sure you will come out smiling once you are older than what you are currently, make peace with yourself and others and be at your best. I would like to tell you a small incident that I wish happened when I finished college. Hopefully this might help you to deal with mindless snacking and putting on those unwanted kilos in the places that you cannot hide. Don’t even talk about stress. Stress is nobody’s friend and it’s only fair that you would want to find a solution. Stress had often led me in the past to gorge on ice-creams, chips, chocolates, cookies and street food because they relaxed my mind. However, three months back I discovered this amazing ultimatum to curb my cravings for sweets or salty processed foods.

I was tense about a few things concerning my academics, a few unwanted males who wished to get involved romantically, my not-so bright writing phase, etc. Add to that, PCOS. I was not sleeping well, feeling lazy throughout the day and in a bad mood. I used to crave for chocolates, ice- creams, cakes, chips,you may name any fast food. I ate an entire cake one day out of sadness for God-knows-what-reason. It was terrible. Two months of my life had me eating uncontrollably and I ended up being more depressed. one day while returning my from a market I spotted a ice- cream vendor and a few people standing around his stall. It was very hot that particular day. I went forward and asked for a chocolate cone. He was too busy finding some flavour of 50 rupees and he ignored me completely. I gave up asking him and turned to go. I noticed a small stall which read “Cold Pineapple”. I asked the vendor to give me a medium-sized plate of the same. I finished eating and ordered another one. I never ate a fruit salad outside of my house earlier. to my surprise I quite liked the taste of the fruit and my craving for ice- cream had vanished immediately!

The next time I went to the market and saw the ice- cream vendor I looked towards the pineapple stall and walked towards it. I did not miss eating an ice- cream or anything sweet thereafter. Three months later, I had managed to get into the habit of eating fruits rather than processed foods as snacks. My skin improved, my PCOS were less troublesome, my energy levels were better and my unwanted cravings had disappeared.

It is not a crime to eat sweets or crave processed foods. I just thought it was a better option to snack on something better rather than holding onto foods that probably give you nothing as far as nutrition is concerned. This change that I had incorporated in my eating habits made me realise that I could make a few altercations here and there and acquire a healthy body so that I can do more work and refrain from fad diets.