This post is a response to the struggles that non- vegetarian eaters go through if they have to eat a vegetarian meal at a get together, a buffet or a party. Popular Consulting Nutritionist and Clinical Dietician, Pooja Makhija says that it is not the mood that gets spoiled but the fact that they have to fill their plates as a sign of courtesy towards the host. Some meat eaters cannot look at vegetarian food, they simply fail and it is okay to be that way. Several meat eaters have turned vegan/ vegetarian in due course of time.

Makhija lists out some simple ways to eat that vegetable because they are good for your body and a fair amount of dosage everyday could bring in minerals and vitamins in your body. This also guarantees fewer sick leaves and a better immunity. Vegetables contain complex carbohydrates and help to speed up your weight loss.

Here are a few ways to go vegetarian, for the beginners:

  • A complimentary portion 

You can add vegetable salad (s) to your Chinese dishes or pair them up with grilled fish / chicken. This creates a balance to the non- vegetarian dish you love whole- heartedly.

  • Garnishing

Garnishing your non- vegetarian dish with sliced tomatoes, chopped coriander/cilantro, cucumber can help you to get the nutrients from vegetables, mostly in the form of vitamins and minerals.

  • A ‘secret’ ingredient

Many dishes are prepared by the hidden ingredients that are vegetables. Makhija says that chicken soups can be thickened with potatoes instead of corn starch or meat curries could include vegetables in the gravy. A piece of broccoli, carrot or a slice of capsicum wouldn’t hurt your taste, would it?

  • A vegetable juice

Makhija swears by vegetable juice and regards it as the best habit. It has antioxidants, can be easily prepared, economical and ready to drink. Half a glass of pulpy vegetable juice made in a mixer can be topped with water, rock salt, pepper, lime or anything that can make it tastier. Consuming this once a day can be beneficial to your body.

Tip: Vegetable juice must be consumed as soon as it is prepared otherwise the nutrients are lost if kept aside for too long.