It is very obvious that once you get the hang of eating junk you cannot stop even if you want to. Mostly because you want to satisfy yourself as well as feel guilty later about having such a large chunk of an item that has been labelled as fast food or junk and can cause you sleepless nights if you put on a few pounds here and there. I am here to tell you how you can have pizza and still not worry about fitting into that cute dress you bought for the prom night!

When you are trying to lose weight, some amount of cheese is allowed per day. It can help you to stay fuller. You need to do follow some tricks and you will never feel guilty about eating a pizza. Whenever you buy a pizza, buy a vegetarian one. If you are a lover of non-vegetarian foods, this might be a little difficult but I am sure you will be able to make yourself do it. Do not buy any garlic bread, cakes, pasta or fall into the thought of getting yourself a meal. You have to buy a smaller size for yourself only. Keep it in your room or the fridge, wherever you want to. Now, you are to eat one slice of pizza every six hours, not the entire at a go. You are not eating garlic bread or consuming any beverage with it so it is not going to cause much harm. However, you do need to keep in mind that when you are having the pizza slice you must not drink water for atleast 15 minutes after finishing it. If you feel the need to drink water have only a small sip. And, stay away from any toppings they offer you.

A fun tip: Share your pizza with someone you love. You both can get fatter together. Jokes apart, when you share food you reduce your chances of over eating. Hence, you will be eating less than you normally do.