You do not have to go to the gym to stay fairly fit. Some simple steps in your household chores can definitely make you feel active and less sluggish.

  • Toned legs- The next time you want to do the laundry, do not go to the washing machine. All you need to do is SPOT JOG on damp clothes. Half an hour of washing clothes in this manner can help you to get rid of that jiggly fat on your upper thighs. It can also strengthen your calves.
  • Toned arms- Squeeze your damp clothes repeatedly and while hanging them on the rope try to dry them by holding two opposite ends of the cloth (after clipping the item). The up and down swishing of the cloth will tighten your arm muscles.
  • A smaller belly- Mop the floor with your hands, clean your room or make your bed every night. The calories you put on after dinner can be managed this way. When you wake up in the morning, do some cycling in the air for about ten minutes.
  • Triceps- Get hold of two bottles of one litre each. You need to hold them up and bring them down simultaneously for 30 seconds. Do one side at a time. Three sets of this exercise can help to get rid of the loose fat in your upper arms.
  • Squats- Ever thought of having some awesome looking glutes? The next time you go for a bath, while your bucket is being filled with water, use those few minutes to squat. You can also switch from bathing in the shower to using a mug to bathe. It will make your arms work better.
  • Slimmer waist- Gather some utensils on one side of a flat surface. You need to transfer them from your left to right hand sides or vice versa. Your back must face the surface wherein the utensils are kept. While you turn to get each item, your waist does some twisting action. You must separate your legs and transfer each item from side to side. It is going to be tough initially but you will see a marked difference in your waist flexibility and lose inches gradually.
  • Slimmer back- This is the easiest. Stand with your legs separate and paint your toes with nail enamel, one at a time in that position. When you finish one toe, stand upright and then bend to move on to the other foot and do the same. This will also help to fight tummy fat and give you a shaped back.
  • A prominent jawline- No, not the chewing gum. Some chewing gums have sugar and cannot be trusted. You have to say the vowels A E I O U for five times thrice a day. Apart from this, look up at your ceiling at regular intervals for 10 seconds atleast. If you are consistent with this, very soon your jawline shall be cutting watermelons. But you cannot consume alcohol, it fails the purpose.
  • Stronger and toned shoulders- Fill one-quarter of a bucket with water. Lift it with the help of the handle like you are lifting dumbbells. You need to do 3 reps of 15 times each for each side. To a large extent your rounded shoulders can look less rounded after about a month.