Do we like salads? Most of us don’t. I am not joking, you guys. Eating a salad is probably one of the hardest things to do in this planet, may be in the entire Universe.  I am not considering the health freaks or obsessive clean eaters. While I was trying to eat healthy, it moved me to tears to see boiled stuffs on my plate and not the regular food items that I normally gorged on. It does not matter if it is a vegan salad or a non- vegetarian one. The sight of boiled vegetables/ meat doesn’t appeal to many especially because you have been stuffing yourself with all sorts of spicy and tasty foods, more often cheesy food items to satisfy your soul more than your tummy. What I am going to tell you is not the best advice you can find, for sure. I am no dietician or a nutritionist. I am into academics and to curb sudden hunger pangs I eat anything that is available at the moment. I changed this habit of mine once I realised the benefits of a salad (veg/non- veg vegan/ fruit).


I ate salads for a week, all kinds that I could make by myself. Making a salad is very easy. You just need to chop the ingredients, boil them or you can consume them raw (if that’s a fruit salad) and add a little black salt or Greek yogurt. You can sprinkle grounded flax seeds.   You could add some nuts as well.  When I had salads for a week, I saw my skin was turning better and it gave me lesser pimples during my menstrual cycle. Apart from this I had a regular flow in that particular month which relieved me because I suffer from PCOS. I normally suffer from bloating if I consume even a glass of water. To my surprise the bloating had disappeared. I was sleeping well, my body became more active and I could do more work.  Salads have more fibre which  is regarded as useful if you are trying to lose some inches. They are even helpful if you are dealing with stressful work conditions. As long as you are not adding any fattening sauces or mayo, salads are extremely healthy and good for your system. If you suffer from PCOS or hormonal problems, keep reading this blog for a post on the same.

Include a salad in your diet everyday. Your skin and metabolism shall improve. And you can continue the cheating always. Happy Cheating!



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