Being in college is  a lot of hard work, isn’t it? You have assignments, both home and class ones, the syllabus to complete for each semester and then the pressure to look good and not like a koala bear/ panda with those dark eyes. What also is terrifying is the late hours at night can add some extra pounds making you look not so appealing if there is a party coming up and you need to fit into that cute dress you bought last month, or maybe, last week and now you think you will not fit into it. I have a solution for you. When I was in college no one told me how to munch on and still look like I am extremely fit. I was a good student, maintaining 99.6 percent attendance and finished assignments regularly. I used to stay wake late at night and that messed up my entire system, giving me PCOs and bad metabolism which I am still trying to cope with. I would also like to mention that these foods which I shall be listing below aren’t only for your midnight snacking. They can be consumed at any time of the day, night and you will not feel like there’s any difference to the ‘inches’. Many of my friends have even communicated, rather sadly that their office hours  take a toll on their menstruation cycle. Fortunately, we have some foods that will help you deal with this issue. That is something we will discuss in the next article. While I was doing this research, I found out that the hours you spend working in front of the computer or stay awake to finish your assignments can deteriorate your skin and your hair as well. I have a small tip for you at the end of this article, hopefully you shall be able to gain a bit.

  • Snacklite (non- potato) by Haldiram’s– This is a snack extremely light on the stomach.  Priced at 10 INR and 20 INR, It is also very popular and you can get it from any grocery store or the small shop next to your house. If you fail to get hold of this, there’s another called Too Yumm. Whichever salted snacks you are consuming, make sure they are not potato chips. The aloo bhujia by Haldiram’s is another tasty item that is gluten free. TIP: Take a small bowl and fill it up. If you portion whatever snacks you are consuming, there will be less chances of overeating.
  • Coconut Water (Cocojal, Tendo, etc. There are many brands available at the drugstores and convenience stores)- It is filling and contains no sugar. It makes your skin glow and helps to fight water retention. Most of the weight that you feel has come in from nowhere is a result of water retention in your body. Replace your packaged juice or carbonated drinks with coconut water.
  • Curd/Dahi (fruit flavoured)- You are allowed to consume not more than 100 gms. You can have non- flavoured curd too. This is only a replacement for the midnight ice-cream you crave suddenly.
  • Carrots  (one medium sized)- This is a wonder vegetable. The best part about this vegetable is that it can help to better your eyesight as well as keep you fuller for several hours. TIP: Chew, chew and chew, for the jawline shall come out very soon.
  • Pineapple (one small bowl)- This fruit can be consumed in the juice form as well. Recognised as a major belly fat burning fruit, the Vitamin C does wonders to your skin and ensures your menstruation cycle is not disrupted.
  • Watermelon (with the seeds)- Ladies dealing with post pregnancy weight, listen up. The extra weight you carry around can be easily done away with. You can drink watermelon juice at regular intervals. Fill in a jug of the juice and keep on drinking. The cravings will stop and so will your hunger pangs. It is another fruit that helps to fight belly fat. TIP: Make a salad of watermelon, berries and peanut butter (double scoop) as a snack. It is tastier than any salad you will find at posh restaurants.
  • Oranges (if it’s winter)- Ah! This is probably on everyone’s favourite fruits list. Orange juice can help to improve your digestion, keep you less hungry and do magic on your skin. Winters are most looked forward to, I guess. TIP: Use orange juice on your skin at night and wash it off after a few minutes. It works better than most acne creams in the market.
  • Banana (one half)- Most diet gurus and nutritionists will tell you to keep away from bananas. Did you know that bananas are anti- depressants? You are allowed to have half of it, though. Use the other half for breakfast the next morning or you can make a paste out of it with coffee to use it as a scrub.
  • Cucumber with some Himalayan black salt (kala namak/ bire noon/ rock salt)- Black salt is known to improve digestion as well as give you better eyesight. Cucumber is a wonderful blessing by nature. Consume two cucumbers every night and see how your weight decreases by a pound in a week. Two cucumbers are enough to fight the hunger pangs. You are supposed to eat the cucumbers with the peel. TIP: If the food at your place is too spicy, oily and you think this is going to mess up your diet, have a cucumber after the meal. The next time you urinate, some of the spices shall get off from your body as well. I had cucumbers every time I ate some spicy curry. I did not feel bloated after a few hours which I normally did without eating the cucumbers.
  • Chick pea flour tortilla(one or two chapati sized should be enough)- Chickpea flour, or besan, is high in protein and gluten free. Protein helps you to fight belly fat and keeps you fuller.  You can make pancakes out of it too. I shall be putting up the recipe in a later post. It’s very easy to make a chickpea tortilla. You need to make a semi-liquid batter and pour it over a pan that is SPRAYED with oil (olive oil is preferable, but you can also use Saffola/ Sundrop refined oil). The spraying ensures you aren’t using more oil than required. Use the big spoon to make it like a dosa. When it turns a little brownish, turn it over so that the opposite side can look the same. It does not matter if you burn it. It can always be consumed with Funfoods peanut butter or mayonnaise (eggless/ mint). TIP: Make more than a couple of them. It tastes awesome and you can have them for the entire day, just keep on changing the item with which you are having it. You can choose either peanut butter, mint mayonnaise, mint chutney, etc. You can have it with your regular vegetable curry as well. If you substitute the wheat tortilla with a chick pea one, your body will thank you for your entire life.
  • Nuts– An assortment of walnuts, almonds, cashews can be used to snack in a healthy way. However, you are not encouraged to eat more than a handful because you might get back acne, increase your cholesterol levels and your body might get heated up causing you sleepless nights.


So here is the solution to your temporary hunger pangs. You do not have to starve yourself to get that perfect shape. You can eat everything and still remain the same size. Everyday can be a cheat day, so that you do not have to part with the once in a week cheat meals, teary eyed. Just make sure you are eating the right kinds of foods. If you compromise on them chances are you shall be suffering from hairloss, skin problems, decreased sperm count, bowel movements and irregular menstrual cycle. Happy Cheat Day, everyone!